Waxing for Men in Andheri West Mumbai

23 July

Waxing for Men

No more unwanted hair

Sometimes waxing can be a woman’s best friend. Unwanted hair can be a big problem for an otherwise gorgeous body. Hair in the wrong or easily noticeable places can be so unladylike and embarrassing.

Not to mention, socially unacceptable. But, your days of pulling out your hair with frustration about your unruly hair follicles are numbered. Just Flaunt offers several waxing services to leave you looking and feeling soft and silky smooth all over. The most common unwanted hair complaint concerns the upper lip. Upper lip hair belongs on your man, but only if you permit him of course.

Fortunately, waxing the upper lip area is a quick and relatively comfortable procedure. For some women, the chin area can be a problem. But waxing it is an easy job, too. There’s virtually nothing to it. We also offer a Full Face waxing service to get rid of all the unwanted facial hair at one go. When it comes to the underarms, how long the procedure takes depends on the hair density & thickness and how sensitive the area is. Thankfully, the waxing substance we use makes the procedure a quick in-and-out one.

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